Congratulations to LOMB:
2014 Bands of America
Regionals Finalist, Toledo



LOHS Cadet & Concert Bands Fall Concert- Tues, Oct 21 at 7pm
Scripps 6th Grade Informance Concert- Thurs, Oct 23 at 7pm
Grimm & Wilde MS/HS Concert Bands Night- Fri, Oct 24 from 6-10pm
LOMB @ Troy Athens Invitational- Fri, Oct 25
All-State Auditions (MS and HS)- Sat/Sun Oct 25-26
Scripps Fall Band Concert- Tues, Oct 28 at 7pm
LOMB- Special Rehearsal at Oakland Yard- Thurs, Oct 30th

Up Coming Events

  • Ham Smashed Potatoes Dressing & Gravy Salad Bar Fresh Fruit
  • Skit night takes planning and preparation. For about a month, the sections brainstorm ideas and analyze the merits of each.   And then at the last minute, they change their mind and do something completely different.     The skits almost perfectly reflect the personality of the instrument. The drum majors used the time to give instructions. Guard (once again) found a way to work doing the splits into their ...
  • It was 9:12 last night and the kids were just coming off the field. They squeeze every bit of marching they can into the day.   Mr. Steele gave them the summary & pep talk before dismissal.   "I want you to know that while we often run this late, you won’t always be marching in the dark like this. The school has lights…”   School lights aren’t the only thing that keeps ...
  • One of my cabin girls put on jeans for the very first time in months last night.   "These are my very favorite jeans and I haven’t worn them since school let out and they’re so soft and comf… wait, umpf… ohmygosh these pants are so tight! Why did I pack these stupid skinny jeans?”   She got ‘em up and buttoned… eventually.   "Dang. It’s all this marching. My quads and calves are gettin’ ...
  • Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Sausage Patty Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Bar Oatmeal, asst. cold cereals


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