Thursday, July 9th. 7:00pm at Wildwood Amphitheater 
Open to the public- A free family Concert featuring the LOHS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble plus LOHS alumni
Wildwood Amphitheater is part of Civic Center Park (west of the soccer fields)- 2525 Joslyn Road
This venue is a grassy hillside, similar to the grass seating at DTE Theater at Pine Knob. Blankets are encouraged for seating. Dress for the weather. No rain-out date is planned.
Concessions go to support the students of the Lake Orion Band Programs at Oakview, Scripps, and Waldon Middle Schools plus Lake Orion High School.
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LOMB Parents please note: Marching 101 has much of the info you asked about at the meeting and I add new articles weekly. Check out the entire collection of M101 articles here.

24th- LOMB Wednesday Rehearsal at Scripps, 1-8pm
 LOMB Equipment Move (Scripps to HS), 8-9pm
26th- LOMB to DCI at Muncie, IN (optional but encouraged)
28th- Band Community Service Day, 1-4pm at Wildwood
29th- Starry Night Rehearsal, 10am-12pm LOHS band room
30th- Starry Night Rehearsal, 10am-12pm LOHS band room
1st- LOMB Rehearsal at LOHS, 1-8pm
6th- Starry Night Rehearsal, 10am-12pm LOHS band room
7th- Starry Night Rehearsal, 10am-12pm LOHS band room
8th- LOMB Rehearsal at LOHS, 1-8pm
9th- Starry Night Rehearsal, 3pm at Wildwood
LOHS Starry Night Concert at Wildwood, TBA
10th- Dine to Donate at Lafayette Market, TBA
15th- LOMB Rehearsal at LOHS, 1-8pm
20th to 23rd- LOMB Mini Camp at LOHS, 1-8pm
23rd- LOMB Movie Night at LOHS, 9-11pm
29th- LOMB Rehearsal at LOHS, 1-8pm
29th- LOMB Bonfire (seniors, leaders, freshman) at Camp Agawam, 9-11pm


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Up Coming Events

  • I sensed a bit of parent confusion when we described Dot Books and Drill Books at the Boot Camp Parent Meeting.   So let's go back to square one:   Every marching band show is comprised of two main components: Music and Drill.   Music is pretty obvious   Students are given sheet music (and sheet music revisions) in small batches as the season progresses.   All music will eventually be memorized. This ...
  • It's helpful to think of marching band as a year round sport.   Timewise, it only runs June to November but season-wise? Your kid will wear everything from bikinis to parkas.   Spring/Summer:   In the early days, send them in layers. It might be 900 degrees for the kids marching in the parking lot while the front ensemble shivers as they practice under the bleachers. And once the sun goes down, the hoodies all ...
  • First off, let's clarify a rumor that wrecks havoc with new incoming marchers, every year.   LOMB does not feed students on rehearsal days.   Prepare yourself. You'll have at least one parent tell you otherwise. "But I heard someone say that they feed all the kids at practices."   They're wrong.   The LOBB organizes a series of meals prior to each marching COMPETITION. I'll write a post about Competition Meals when ...
  • Marching band is about to change your life. Or at least your summer vacation plans.   It's unavoidable. Competition season starts about the same time that school does and in order to be ready, summer rehearsals are a must.   The bulk of the learning happens during camp weeks (boot camp, mini-camp(s), pre & post camps). Wednesday rehearsals are an important way to keep students from backtracking between camp weeks. The fewer absences your student ...
  • Here's a mandatory piece of equipment that you need to start shopping for:  1/2 gallon thermal water jug with drinking spout.   You'll find them made by several manufacturers: Igloo, Coleman, Rubbermaid, etc.   Note that I said it was mandatory equipment? Yep, your marcher is about to become best friends with their water jug. They'll go everywhere together, not by choice but by director's orders.   LOMB rehearsals are almost always outside, far from ...